Mr. Patrick Killian
Mr. Patrick Killian
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KillianI grew up in West St. Paul and graduated from Sibley in 1981.  In 1987 I received my B.S. in the Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota where I also did a year of cancer research and was published.  After a brief time in Medical School, I completed a year and a half of graduate school, earning my post-baccalaureate and Life Science/Chemistry Teaching License.  I have since completed my Middle School Science License, my Masters in Education in Secondary Science Education, Earth/Space Science License. I am also one of the classroom Driver Education Instructors for our district. I have been teaching in this district since 1994 and am teaching 9th grade physical science, 10th grade General Biology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology. I am a Quia online Trainer for the district and am constantly learning new ways for students to learn using Quia, AVID, and SPARKS. 

For Current and Future Calendar and Coursework Assignments please use the following links:

General Biology Website

9th Grade Physical Science Website-Expect Weekly or Biweekly Updates via Email

For information regarding Bio 2 Anatomy and Physiology, please attend class and copy the information from our class calendar into your academic planner.


Hour     Time          Class
1        8:30-9:18     ISS B138
2        9:22-10:10     Biology 2-Human Anatomy and Physiology-B210
3       10:14-11:02    Prep
4       11:06-11:54    9th Grade Physical Science-B208
5       11:59-1:19     Lunch, 9th Grade Physical Science-B208
6       1:24-2:12       9th Grade Physical Science-B208
7       2:16-3:04       9th Grade Physical Science-B208