Program Overview

PREVENTION: A key word and programs that emphasize teaching students early on the social skills needed to stay away from chemical use. 

District 197 has long taken a proactive stance in addressing the educational needs of our students in regard to healthy choices and avoiding chemical abuse. In September 2003, LIFESKILLS was implemented in the 5th and 6th grade curriculum. LIFESKILLS TRAINING (LST) is the highest rated, recommended and researched school-based substance abuse prevention program offered today: it is uniquely designed, proven effective, and grounded in over 20 years of research. Rather than simply teaching information about drugs, LST combats the underlying causes of substance use. 

Other prevention activities include:

  • Parent educational and a support-based speaker series offered at both middle schools and the high school. 
  • Staff development training on signs and symptoms of chemical abuse. 
  • Comprehensive behavioral data gathering and analysis when a student is believed to be under the influence. 
  • School-based SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) chapters exist at both middle schools and the high school 
  • Educational briefs and newsletters sent to district parents/guardians 
  • Individual, family and group meetings are conducted to deal with personal, family or friend chemical use issues. 

Even with the best prevention programming in place there are students who take the road into experimentation, abuse and/or dependency of illicit chemicals. School years are the time when the physical, psychological, and addictive effects of drugs are the most severe not only for the user but for those around them. 

In an effort to combat the use or distribution of illegal chemicals at school, the administration of Henry Sibley High School along with the chemical health coordinator, chemical health advisory board and school liaison officer have implemented canine searches of school lockers. 

The teachers, staff and administrators at Henry Sibley High school understand the tug of war between peer pressure and the desire to do the right thing. They have given students and parents a powerful, yet discreet tool to use in fighting destructive behaviors. It is the TipLine. When students see or hear about wrongful school-related activity… threats, drugs, violence, etc. – they can call 651-403-7396, and share their concerns in a confidential manner. If a student confides in his or her parents about something inappropriate happening at school, parents can phone the Tipline as well. 

Through this comprehensive prevention program we will continue to make Henry Sibley a safe and comfortable learning environment for our students, staff and visitors.