Warrior Participants - Fall 2018
Warrior Participants of the Fall
Posted on 11/28/2018

Congratulations to the following students who are being recognized for their outstanding contributions to a Warrior Activity this fall!

Collin Norton-Zeimet
(junior) was a member of the Fall Play cast and crew.  Collin did not have a major role in the production, but he was always there to read lines for those who were absent.  His most memorable readings were when he was a stand-in for Miss Finch.  He also was on top of setting his props and asking questions about how he was doing.  Collin's contributions to the production did not go unnoticed.  Congrats and thank you, Collin.

Bernadette Igo (senior) was also a member of the Fall Play cast and crew. Bernadette embraced her role, not only as an evil spy, but also as the quirky, oddball spy.  She never questioned having to act goofy and it seemed as if she enjoyed it.  When an "all call" was put out for actors to help with finishing the set, Bernadette was one of the first ones to offer to stay. Thank you Bernadette for your unselfishness and contributions!

Photo: Bernadette Igo and Collin Norton-Zeimet