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Photo: Tennis player, swimmer and two soccer playersParticipation in activities and athletics plays an important role in the academic, social and emotional growth and development of students. Research shows that students who are involved in high school activities do better in school and have a higher grade point average. Furthermore, involvement in high school activities builds character, increases self-confidence, relieves tension, generates school pride and a sense of community, and because they nurture a feeling of belonging, involvement in activities makes students want to achieve.

Henry Sibley High School offers more than 50 sports and co-curricular activities. All students are highly encouraged to get involved and enrich their academic experience. 


  • WARRIOR Summer Athletic Development Training Form - click here

  • Register for sports using FeePay 

  • Sports Physical Form click here

  • Customizable Warrior gear is now available online 

  • Parent Surveys will be sent via email to allow for feedback after the season is over
  • Student Surveys will be sent via email to allow for feedback after the season is over 

Spring Sports Start Dates

SoftballMarch 9, 2020
Track/Boys & Girls - March 9, 2020
Baseball - March 16, 2020
Golf/Boys & Girls - March 16, 2020
- March 23, 2020
Lacrosse/Boys & Girls - March 30, 2020




Photo: Two Cross Country runners, volleyball players cheering and footballACTIVITIES STAFF
Prentice Smith, Activities Director
651-403-7201 |

Sue Soine, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 651-403-7206 | Fax: 651-403-7271 |

District 197 is committed to an interscholastic athletic program based upon excellence, positive student interaction and the promotion of athletics as part of a total education program. 

The basic philosophy of the interscholastic athletic program of Independent School District 197 is to provide competitive athletic opportunities for young men and women under the competent leadership of qualified coaches. 

District 197 will strive for a winning tradition through developing pride, excellence, participation and community support in our athletic programs. The programs will be based on an organized athletic system which affords students the opportunity to participate and develop their mental, physical and athletic skills.