Link Day - Freshmen Orientation
Link Day - Freshmen Orientation
Posted on 08/12/2019

Henry Sibley participates in the nationwide Link Crew Program, an organization whose purpose is to help freshmen feel more comfortable and achieve success as they transition to high school.

Our Link Day - Freshmen Orientation will take place on Thursday, August 29 from 8:30 am. to 3:04 pm. It is our expectation that every incoming freshman attends this event. Participation will greatly benefit their experience as a student at Henry Sibley.

During Link Day, students will have the opportunity to walk through their schedule, learn what to expect as a high schooler, and explore the various activities and clubs at Henry Sibley. This day will include fun games, meeting new people, and getting to know Henry Sibley before the first official day of school. 

Each freshman is assigned two upperclassmen Link Crew Leaders who serve as mentors during the school year. The Link Leaders are responsible students who were hand-selected from a large pool of applicants and have met the qualifications of a good role model, and a positive leader on our campus. 

Here is some more information about students can expect for Link Day.

>> A day or two before orientation, freshmen will receive a phone call from their Link Crew Leader personally inviting them to Link DAay, and giving the details of where to be and at what time.

>> District transportation IS available for this event. Students who have registered for transportation, can plan to be picked up  from their assigned bus stop and time. For more information, contact transportation at 651-403-8323.

>> Students are encouraged to NOT bring backpacks, purses or other like items as the day is quite active.

>> Speaking of being active, student should wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

>> Lunch will be available for purchase. All students will “practice” going through the line, enter their lunch account number (4 digit PIN), and enjoy a break in our busy day. If you have questions regarding your child’s meal account, please contact Child Nutrition at 651-403-7320.

This is a student-only function. Thank you for sending your child off for this important day. We look forward to meeting them on August 29.

The Link Crew Coordinators,
Julie Johnson |
Erin Robinson |