Teacher Voicemail Directory
Teacher Voicemail Directory | 651.403.7200
Posted on 11/04/2019
Through communication streamlining efforts, the Henry Sibley Teacher Voicemail Directory has been introduced and is now LIVE. To connect with your child’s teacher you will simply dial 651.403.7200. From there you will be led to an English or Spanish directory to access the voicemail for the specific teacher you are wanting to connect with. Teacher-specific 4-digit extensions are available on their Campus classroom websites.

Need to connect with your child during the day? We need your help in protecting our students’ learning environment. Please help us limit the distractions that compete for their attention. If you need to connect with your students during classroom time, please call our school line at 651.403.7100. Texting and calling students during learning time creates challenges for students and teachers alike. Thank you for your help in this matter.